Thyro-Plus Tincture


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THYRO PLUS TINCTURE 29.57 ml / 1fl. oz T-40

Ingredients:  Pure Tincture Extract of: Bladderwrack (leaf), Gotu Kola (herb), Hawthorn (fruit), Saw Palmetto (berries), Cayenne (fruit), Skullcap (herb), Gingko Biloba (leaf), Dandelion (root), Dandelion (leaf), Eleuthero (root), Wood Betony (herb), Chaste Tree (plant), Wild Yam (root). In a Alcohol Base 


Hawthorn berries can be given with ACE-inhibiting drugs and cardiac glycosides, however large amounts need to be monitored by a doctor (there are small amounts in this formula). Ginkgo in large quantities is contraindicated with anticoagulant drugs (only a small amount is used in this synergistic formula). Eleuthero (in large amounts) is contraindicated in hypertension (only a small amount is included in this formula). Use caution in pregnancy.

5-20 drops per day or as directed



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