“BBC 2 programme shows importance of omega 3 oil”

The BBC 2 programme “Trust me I’m a Doctor” last night, Wednesday 15th  February, showed that most people have low omega 3 index levels, giving them a high risk of health problems like heart attacks. Although in a trial in Liverpool they showed that index levels could be increased to low risk with only 2 portions of oily fish like salmon & mackerel a week, the programme also showed that most people don’t actually do this, as they don’t like oily fish!

The trial clearly showed that taking a high quality omega 3 supplement gave an equal or even slightly better increase in the omega 3 index than the 2 portions of oily fish. They also made very clear that the amounts of the active ingredients DHA & EPA  were key & should be a 400-500 mg/day. Many supplements claiming they contain  ” 500 mg fish oil ” actually only contain less than half this amount of DHA & EPA – and one of the oils tested in the programme had oxidised & so was useless.

Nutri-West Complete Omega Essentials contains 450 mg DHA & EPA per capsule, plus 100 mg of a plant sourced omega 3 oil ALA/GLA , and 50 IU of vitamin E to help ensure oil freshness. So only one capsule a day should raise the omega 3 index of most people into the low risk area for heart attacks & strokes.”