Quick Guide

The most commonly used Food Supplements

Adrenal support: (in ascending order of strength) DSF (De-Stress Formula), DSF Herbal, Core Level Adrenal, Adreno-Lyph-Plus
Anti-Oxidants: Complete Omega-3 Co-Factors, Complete Whey-G
Blood Sugar Support: Carbo-Met
Bone Support: Penta-Cal-Plus, Complete Hi D3
Candida: Total Yst Redux, Exspore
Essential Fatty Acids: Complete Omega-3 Essentials, Complete Hi-Potency Omega-3 Liquid
Female Support: Core Level Uterus, Core Level Ovary, Glan Plus-F, Fem Plus Tincture
Immune Support: Complete Hi D3, Total Multimune, Total Virx
Inflammation Support: Total FLM (Inflam), Lyso-Lyph-Forte
Large Intestine: L-Glutamine Plus, Total Probiotics
Liver/Gall Bladder: Total Liver D-Tox, Complete Whey G, GB Plus Tincture
Parasites: Total Para
Protein Products: Total Green Protein, Complete Whey-G
Male Support: Total Male
Multiple Formulas: Multi-Complex, Core Level Health Reserve
Pregnancy: Pre/Post Natal Vitamins, Pre/Post Natal Minerals, Complete Hi D3, Complete Omega 3 Essentials
Small Intestines: Total Leaky Gut
Stomach: Hypo-D, Total Enzymes, Total Upper GI
T4 > T3: Total Liver D-Tox, Selenium
Thyroid Support: Core Level Thyro, Iodine Rescue, Total Thyroid # 2